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Fast Sampling Correlation Tool

The Sentergy Fast Sampling Correlation Tools can be used for cost effective, accurate depth determination with additional sensors such as fluid temperature and/or wellbore pressure if required.

The tool is proven to handle the high-vibration, high-shock experienced when run on coil tubing during sliding sleeve shifting runs. These runs typically use a shifting tool which can be compared to a pneumatic drill, the Sentergy Fast Sampling Correlation Tool withstands these shocks allowing the operator to confirm whether the sleeve was shifted and hence saves time and money avoiding running expensive PLT logs to confirm whether the shifting operation has been successful.

The tool can be programmed to sample CCL at up to 32 samples/sec with Pressure/Temperature at up to 32 samples/second if required. The large 8MByte non-volatile Flash memory can store up to 4 million data points.



There are currently two variants:

CCL and Fluid Temperature

Applications include:

  • High resolution depth determination
  • Monitoring Sliding Sleeve (SSD) positioning,
  • Determining wellbore temperature profile,
  • Determining fluid movement in producing or injecting wells.

CCL, Fluid Temperature and Wellbore Pressure

Applications include those of the CCL and Fluid Temperature Tool and:
All types of Wellbore pressure surveys.