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Electronic Firing Head (Datasheet)

The Sentergy Electronic Firing Head is a high integrity memory based tool suitable for any remote explosive or non-explosive operation where the operator requires a reduction in running costs while maintaining the highest possible degree of safety and control for a memory based tool.

Safety is paramount and as such the EFH incorporates dual mechanical safety switches to ensure the device to be fired is always disconnected from the EFH electronics until the tool is in the well.

The Sentergy Electronic Firing Head has undergone a rigorous third-party safety assessment examining both the system design and its immunity from stray Radio Frequency Energy (RF), stray DC Voltage (such as Arc Welding) and Lightning strikes.

The assessment conclusion is that:

"In all cases at least three points of failure were identified before a risk of an inadvertent firing arose. These safety features are further augmented by the output relay and the mechanical pressure and temperature switches."

and that:

"It can be concluded that the Low Power EFH meets the recommendations of API RP67 and also demonstrates a high degree of safety in the likely offshore environment."

Unlike other Slickline perforating tools on the market (sometimes called slickline, coil tubing or intelligent trigger), the Sentergy EFH is dual-microproccessor controlled ensuring no single microprocessor failure can activate the output.

If the service you require is not listed please contact us as the tool can be readily adapted to any other operation requiring high integrity control of any downhole device.


  • Perforating
  • Plug Setting
  • Cutting using the MCR Radial Cutting Torch.
  • Dump Bailing
  • Fluid Sampling
  • Remote Valve Activation

The EFH can be used to perforate, plug and cut tubing, liner or casing and can be run on slickline, e-line or coil tubing. A complete log of time, pressure, temperature, axial acceleration, radial acceleration, battery voltage, output voltage and status information is stored to individual banks of flash memory for post-job analysis.
The tool is available in 2 variants and can be configured to initiate any ignitor or detonator on the market today.

Low Power Electronic Firing Head

The Low Power Electronic Firing Head is designed to initiate EBW type igniters and detonators such as the Teledyne RISI SQ-80 and RP-880 in conjunction with the OM-1 EBW fireset available from Ecosse Inc.

The lower power delivered from the 2 or 3 cell lithium battery pack can also be configured to initiate devices such as:

High Power Electronic Firing Head

The High Power Electronic Firing Head contains the same core electronics and sensors as the other EFH products but is designed to cope with the high power necessary to initiate:
  • 50Ohm Resistorised Detonators and Ignitors
  • RCT Thermal Generator
  • PX-1 EBW Fireset