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Ultra Fast Sampling Gauge (Datasheet)

The Sentergy Ultra Fast Pressure Gauge is a highly flexible, ultra-fast sampling, pressure, temperature and acceleration tool ideal for monitoring extremely fast pressure transients in downhole explosive environments.
The Ultra Fast Pressure Gauge can sample pressure at up to 40,000 samples/second with Temperature, Radial Acceleration and Axial Acceleration at up to 2500 Samples/second.


  • Well Stimulation
  • Perforating (for example to confirm dynamic/static underbalance modelling and/or perforation efficiency)
  • Fracturing
  • Reservoir Monitoring
  • Well Testing
  • All Traditional Pressure/Temperature surveys

Sample Data

The Ultra Fast Gauge can be programmed to collect slow sample data until 'triggered' by an absolute Pressure Threshold and/or a rate of change of Pressure (delta threshold). The delta pressure threshold is especially useful when it is impossible to signal pressure changes to the gauge, for example when running the gauge during wireline perforating.

The following data was collected by the gauge during a North Sea TCP Perforating run with 1200ft of 3-3/8" Perforating guns:

 Typical Fast Perforating Event


The gauge can be programmed to collect any number of fast samples. In practice 0.5 seconds is more than enough to capture most transient events during perforating or fracturing:



Typical Fast Perforating Event - Expanded Timescale

The Sentergy Ultra Fast Sampling Gauge includes pressure, temperature and two dual axis accelerometers for sampling both Radial and Axial acceleration. All sensors are sampled at the same rate except in Fast Filling Mode where the pressure is sampled and stored at 40,000 samples/sec and all other sensors are sampled at 2,500 samples/sec. The plot below shows the radial acceleration data overlaid on the pressure data:


Typical Fast Perforating Event - Pressure and Acceleration


The gauge can be programmed to enter Fast Filling Mode on either absolute or 'delta' pressure thresholds, in the case below the gauge was programmed to enter Fast Buffering on an absolute pressure threshold when the firing head was activated. Fast Buffering is where the data is sampled at 40kHz but stored at a user-programmed rate of up to 1.25kHz.

The Fast Buffering mode allows the tool to store pre-Fast Filling data to ensure no loss of data during the perforating event. 

A second absolute pressure threshold was set to allow the gauge to enter Fast Filling Mode (sampling and storing at 40kHz) at the point of perforation.

 Activation via Absolute Pressure Thresholds


The Sentergy Ultra Fast gauge can be used as a 'standard' strain gauge with the added flexibility of sampling once every 30 minutes to 40,000 samples every second.

This last plot shows the entire dataset from rig up to rig down:

 Entire Dataset